Dad’s Think Too….Truly

In the brutal sport of parenting, the balance of how best to bring up our beautiful children has, let’s face it, swung too far in the female corner. Now, I for one will not argue that women have a natural, maternal motherhood instinct that we dads lack, however, we have feelings, thoughts, ideas, intuitions, fragility and needs too. Just in case I can’t get a word in at home, this site is designed to share how being a new dad feels in this amazing journey of fatherhood.


65 thoughts on “Dad’s Think Too….Truly

  1. I was a single parent by choice. As a mother, it was very clear to me how visceral the bond between mother and child can be and I’ve always wondered about the father’s experience. I look forward to finding out. Thank you!

  2. Yes, Being, very close to my own mother, and seeing the bond between Jonah and my wife is a beautiful thing. I think the Father/son bond is just as unique, just men are such bad communicators!!

  3. thank you very much for your post, it make us have more and more discuss in our life, So kind for you,I also hope you will make more and more excellent post and let’s more and more talking,thank you very much, dear

  4. my dad is the only parent i have yet i never felt my mom’s absence because my he played both parents’ role, i’m proud of my dad…..

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