Children’s Book Review: A Beautiful Oops


“A Beautiful Oops”

One of the best ‘better late then never’ Christmas presents you can buy for your favourite nephews/nieces is Barnery Saltzberg’s ‘A Beautiful Oops’.

We have read this to Jonah now for the last 18 months, (since he was about 4 months old), and he still loves this book. It is a perfect mix of colour, design, interactivity and imagination fodder.

You can buy/check out more here: – BTW: despite my wife buying over 35 copies of this for friends over the last 2 years as the ideal gift (Birthdays, Baptisms, births, baby-showers, Christmas), I do not have shares in the sale of this book, although if I could buy into Barney’s next book as an investor I would.

The book is durable. Which is important when your toddler sees pop-up books as a mere challenge to rip anything moving off the page. One or two pages has had to endure sticky tape love, however, overall, an amazing strong book.

It is gentle and calming, and whilst engaging, does not over- stimulate, which is helpful when trying to settle at night or before lunch time nap.

As Jonah has become an undercover detective, on the hunt for marshmellows everywhere he goes (thanks to the babycino revolution: see previous article there is one page in the book that has marshmellows on a coffee plate, in which Jonah is determined to scrape out of the paper and eat. Apart from that, the book is generally not for eating.

If you want your children (direct or otherwise) to nurture the imaginative side, this book is a must have for all. For the dad’s who enjoy the night time reading sessions, this is just damn good fun.


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