When Your 2 Year Old Knows What Chocolate Is

Dad, you know what it is I want. We both know, I know where it is. Dad, distraction won’t work this time. I need chocolate. Now. No, not milk daddy. Chocolate. Now.

The conversation goes like this:

DAD: Jonah, do you want some milk?

JONAH: No, just save yourself the time and pain mate, and get the chocolate (translated from noises/grunts/screams)

DAD: Oh, you want the yogurt, let’s get some honey as well.

JONAH: Dad, seriously, you’re wasting my time here. I’ve got toys to play with, pens to write on the wall with, training pants to wee in, books to tear up, tonka trucks to break. I am busy. just get the chocolate, and we can both get on with our day.

DAD: Oh, you want some cheese, let’s get the cheese.

JONAH: OK dad, now your annoying me. If I wanted the cheese, I would say so. I am saying chocolate, pointing to the chocolate. What more do you want from me. One more wrong question and I will lose my sh#t.

DAD: Ohhh, you want an apple. Got it.

JONAH: That’s it. I warned you dad. You blew it. You refuse to give me what I want, block your ears, because I am about to lose it, now. in 3, 2, 1 – melt down commenced.

And that sums up most mornings now. God bless him. He is persistent. But let’s see who gives up first. The sooner he learns he cant have everything in life, the better.

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