10 Things Men Don’t Tell Their Wives

OK, so let me start by admitting this is venturing into dangerous territory. Stating the obvious, not all men will agree with me, or if they do, wonder how I could betray the gender by confessing such a list.

Then, of course, will be the women, who will either admit they already know all this, and/or the women who will cringe that we men, could think such things.

But, naturally, the most dangerous aspect of writing the ’10 things men don’t tell their wives’, is that my lovely wife will know more about how I think & see the world. & that is by far Achtung Baby.

Here Goes:

10 Things Men Don’t Tell Their Wives:

1. A new girl started in the office today, and OMG, she is smoking hot.
2. At best, we listen to 10% of the words you say. Your word quota per day is simply too much for us simple men to handle. (we communicate in winks, groans and hmmm’s)
3. If we could just skip the date night and have an early night, that would be great.
4. No, we don’t think a threesome with your sister is weird.
5. We love sport much more then you love shopping, and depending on the game, more than you.
6. Miranda Kerr is the perfect female, can you be more like that?
7. We look forward to your menopause stage of life.
8. Your breasts are certainly not as high as they were
9. I am surprised wrinkles found you so quickly
10. I Love You (yes, had to finish on a high..we should say it every day, and mean it)

OK, there it is. No doubt other guys can add to the list. And of course, I am sure there are a 100 things to every 10 women don’t tell us men. Let’s explore…



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