Royal Baby – The New King Is Born

Finally, the Royal Baby has arrived. I think Twitter could melt down in the wake of it.

I don’t think my wife slept all night in anticipation of the news. Congrats to Will & Kate. But let me make m y point, as a relatively new father myself, the congratulations is firmly around the miracle that giving birth and seeing your first born take its first breath outside the womb.

The congrats is given equally to all the other parents that had their magic moment yesterday. Royal Baby or no Royal Baby, the moment is unique & beautiful. It is not made more beautiful just because one day it will be our king (unless Australia becomes a Republic).

Congratulations Will & Kate and royal baby, one day king. Congratulations to every other parent who met their first child yesterday. There is no status or hierarchy when it comes to the miracle of life.

Whilst Twitter may implode with the news of the Royal Baby, don’t let new digital technologies stop you conversing with those who matter most, not some royals who you will never meet.

Life is short, babies are beautiful and Twitter should be used in moderation.

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