How Much Is Sleep Worth (assuming we could buy it?)

If sleep were a toll road, how much would it cost? More importantly, how much would one be willing to pay?

As my beautiful son Jonah inches closer to 2 years old, he is doing what nature propels him to do, and test & push boundaries and limits. One can not understand what is possible before getting a sense of what is insanely out of question.

As Jonah’s proud dad, in many ways, I applaud his appetite to push the envelope.

However, as his tired father, and a grumpy, stressed husband to Jonah’s mum, I am on the brink of insanity with the lack of sleep that comes from the last few weeks of Jonah thinking 5 hours sleep a day is all the doctor orders. We all know he needs more, but try telling him that. As he is in no hurry to talk, albeit I have no doubt he could if he wanted to, he can’t or won’t tell me what’s up. Or what he wants to do, eat or see. On any normal day, I can handle these elements. But on a week of 2-3 hour sleeps, it is a true test.

So, with no sleep, driving around Sydney, paying tolls every corner, I thought today if one could buy sleep, like opting into saving time by taking a toll road, how much would it cost? How much would I pay for a solid 4-5 hour sleep? Ignoring the obligations that I would neglect by doing so (like working, playing dad or being husband), I think I would pay $30 per hour. Of course, like an ebay auction, I may change that bid if I needed a bit more than others.

If the week continues like the last few, I could well up my bid to $100.

All I need now is someone to bottle it (not sleeping pills, they don’t work + have side effects) and sell me their wares.


2 thoughts on “How Much Is Sleep Worth (assuming we could buy it?)

  1. Oh dear! I’d be willing to pay a good 50$ an hour for a minimum of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep! That would be pure bliss! To think that pre-baby I needed a good 8h straight to be functional (and 10h to be well rested) and now, I’m pretty well rested when I can get 6h cut up into a couple of segments!

  2. Before our first child was born our doctor told us we were about to discover that all the people we thought were jerks were actually just sleep-deprived parents. Not sure if that is true of all of the jerks I have met, but I certainly join their ranks with too little sleep!

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