Being Australian, it was part of growing up at school to learn how to throw a Boomerang. Very few, if any of us succeeded, yet, it was fun trying.

It is apt this week, with Rudd being the first Australian Prime Minister to earn the Boomerang label, that I think back to those lessons learnt about the basics of throwing a Boomerang. They included:

* You must have the right grip before you throw it

* You must know where you want to throw it, and make sure you are ready when it comes back

* You must make sure nothing is in the way

* You must make sure you know the direction of the wind.

As four basic laws governing Boomerang throwing, Gillard perhaps did not understand the will of the Boomerang it-self, and thought the art was purely in the will of throwing. If you are going to throw something out like K Rudd, the lesson for Gillard is one can’t let them be spinning in mid air after being thrown, as, all good Boomerangs do, he came back. The distance and time he was flying out there meant the return would have hurt not just Gillard, but many of those who wanted the boomerang thrown in the first place.

Although, I am sure they thought it was trash they were throwing away, and not a instrument that has only one purpose, and that is to come back.

Whatever one’s thoughts on the whole thing, Rudd will go down as our very own Boomer-Rudd.

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