Before You Get Married, Ask This Question….

Before getting married, my now wife and I were given a book called something like ’50 things to discuss before getting married’. It was a fantastic experience, albeit, causing a few heated conversations around a few key points. Nothing we didn’t settle! (time will tell I).

A few critical things two people thinking of getting hitched need to be on the same page about include:

* Do you want kids
* How Many
* Religion
* Private vs. public school
* Pets
* Pets in the house!
* Discipline

The list went on. Most of the time, I found what was most interesting is that the questions created the need for me to understand and articulate what I though and felt about the issue for my own knowledge before being able to defend or attack a position. Often, as the stereotypical lazy Aussie guy, I simple had not formed a strong enough view on things such as ‘how many kids’.

However, the one question that was not in the book (nor handed down from any advice from my family/friends), was something  as simple as this:

“Does being cold, make you get the cold”.

You may think, a simple enough question. However, as I have discussed with many of my mates with first time mothers as wives, no first born can leave the house without 14 layers of clothing on.

And of course, every time Jonah has been in my care for a day or so, and I have relaxed his layers to circa 3-4, the runny nose he develops anytime in the following 3-6 weeks after that, was due to my lack of warm clothes.

The older generations think we (Gen X and Gen Y) are over protective and live in a world where thick disposable nappies (such as Huggies) cause more harm then good. The older generations grew up in a time when nappy free time was a part of every day, not something done once a week as part of the long list of ‘must do’s’ for the week.

On this point, I agree. I don’t get colds from being in cold weather. I get colds from being around being people who are sick. And they probably got sick due to not being as resilient as they should be due to the fact their immune is weak due to not being allowed to get cold. The irony.

Regardless, It is a small point, and even if it was asked in book as question #51, and we didn’t agree, I still would have married my beautiful wife. I just would have moved our family to Darwin years ago..

It’s cold people, dress wisely…


2 thoughts on “Before You Get Married, Ask This Question….

  1. Indeed, a very important question. I personally wish someone had asked my now-husband and me whose responsibility it is to take out the trash. Is it the person who placed the final piece of garbage atop the trash can, or does it alternate between us? Many headaches could have been avoided if we had settled this issue prior to saying “I do.”

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