Indeed he did!! I thought about going myself..

Phoenix Fights


Beyond gutted to hear that the great James Gandolfini has died of a heart attack at 51.

Mr Gandolfini had an amazing movie and live performance career, but like many people, I discovered him via the best TV series ever ‘The Sopranos’.

I remember tuning into the first episode thinking ‘Meh, just another crime drama’, and then watching with astonishment as this great big bear of a man stumbled to the floor, distress and confusion in his eyes, I thought ‘My God, it’s not just me!’  And as he began his therapy with Dr Melfi, I was hooked.

From thereon in I tuned in week after week, series after series, empathising, sympathising, recognising, remonstrating, laughing in disbelief, and yes, falling just a little bit in love (ladies don’t judge me!!) with this oh so human character who treated heading up his New Jersey family as ‘just another job’.

It takes…

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