Is Tony Soprano A Good Dad?

Firstly, let me get this out of the way, RIP James Gandolfini, who passed away at the young age (too young) of 51. This post is dedicated to you, and the amazing career you had.

I don’t watch much TV. In fact, we have not owned one for 5+ years. Anything I want to watch, we buy via ITunes or DVD. There are three shows over the last 15 years, OK, maybe 4 shows that have had a huge role in my life. They are (in order):

1. Southpark2. The Sopranos
3. Mad Men
4. X-Files.

Unlike the Godfather movies, David Chase, along with the cast, made the mafia feel like everyday people, facing the same daily challenges we so called normal people face (will save that one for another day).

Everytime I come home, hungry, sober or drunk, and go straight to the fridge, I actually embody Tony each and every time I reach for the paper wrapped packet of ham, salami, turkey etc. and stand there, fridge open, eating away, with no dignity. I truly feel Soprano-ish in these moments.

Given the sad news of the passing of James Gandolfini today, I started to reflect on the series and the legend of Tony. As a dad now, I reflected on Tony’s (character, not actor) fatherly abilities. Here is what I thought:

Is he a good provider? YES

Does he love his kids more than anything? YES

Would he kill for his kids? YES

Would he teach them about the birds and the bees? YES

Would he put himself last after his kids? Hmm, debatable…

Would he lie to his kids? Hmm, not scoring well here.

Would he inspire his kids to be like him? Umm, No.

Would he kill anyone who hurt his kids? Definitely.

OK, so some good points here, but potentially not contender for father of the year.

Regardless, I love the guy (both the character and the late Gandolfini). The series changed my life, and whilst I may not take fatherhood (or husband for that matter) tips from him, he can smoke a cuban cigar, drive a boat and drink a beer like no other.

James, may you rest in peace. Thank you.

RIP James Gandolfini

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