Mad Men In South America

I admit it, Don Draper is sort of an idol to me. I know the guy never really existed. But like so many others no doubt, I can relate to his time and way.

Or perhaps I would like to think I do.

Is it the fact of living in New York (Don, not me), drinking all day, smoking cuban cigars, driving classic mussel machines, coming up with ideas and getting paid for them that appeals?

Is it his french speaking attractive way (technically, his 3rd wife)?

Is it the fact he owns his own business?

Is it that he just doesn’t give a fu#k?

Is it his hairstyle, that my thick, woolly hair refuses to emulate?

Is it the fact he can wear a frown all day every day and still get adored? Ah ha! Bingo, that’s it. The ability to cross miserable, annoyed, confused, excited, thirsty and hopeful an art and style all in one.

No wonder I like the guy. Now let me drink my Mohito and smoke my cigar…






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