Top 8 Fatherhood Advice Tips from the Daddy of 22 Kids (From 14 Women!) [VIDEO]

Tips from A guy with 14 mothers to his 22 kids, might pass on this one. could only lead to trouble..

97.9 The Box

Orlando Shaw

Orlando Shaw makes babymaking and evading responsibilities an artform, especially when you learn the 33-year-old from Nashville is currently tied up in a crazy court case brought on by his 14 baby mamas and the state’s Child Support Services department.

After the state has paid $7,000 a month to support all of his kids, Tennessee wants some cold hard cash from Shaw, according to News Channel 5.

But, what the unemployed Shaw can’t offer in dollars he more than makes up for with these 8 tips for fathers everywhere.

Watch Orlando Share More Wisdom in the Video Below!

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Fatherly Advice from Orlando Shaw, Deadbeat Daddy

1. When They’re Young, They’re Her Problem
If you want to get far in the game of fatherhood, remember that babies are mother’s territory. Best to just leave ’em alone, Orlando says, and wait ’til they grow up a little. “Mothers…

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