The most difficult thing I had to tell my son

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The State of Dad

Being a Dad is something I cherish. It encompasses many, many terrific moments and some not so terrific moments.  We don’t like having to discipline our children or watch them fail, but that is part of being a parent and part of the growing process. Perhaps, however, there is one thing that a parent does not ever want to do…that a child should never have to go through, yet many will.

And so, three years ago, I had to do just that.

My wife had been in the hospital for nearly a month for some kind of muscular problem that was causing her to lose mobility.  For a short time, things looked better. She was undergoing therapy and was receiving treatment.  Everyday, I would take Chase to school and go to the hospital to stay with my wife.  Some days, I would go into the office before heading to the…

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