Terrific Two’s….Here We Come

My mother has been a nurse for over 40 years, longer than I have been on this planet. Over that time, mum must of learned not to use the old phrase ‘terrible two’s’ when referring to the challenges and joys that our two year old’s bring us. Instead of the ‘terrible two’s’, mum uses the phrase ‘terrific two’s’, and is now commonly heard banded around.

I am all for positive language, optimism and appreciating the entire journey, not just the good & exciting times. I am also all for not labeling something as a negative due to a few frustrating moments here or there.

However, over the last few weeks, Jonah is certainly doing as all 18 month old’s do, pushing the boundaries. Tantrums that come and go as quick as the speed of sound, and given he still refuses to talk (but he is a great listener!), it is impossible to know what the head-banging is for.

He can be mid way down a slippery slide in a public play park, and decide, for no reason apparent to me, standing 45 centimeters away from him, to start screaming. I pick Jonah up, he wants to go down.

I place him down, and he screams so loud it drowns out the planes passing overhead (inner west Sydney). I pick him up, he wants to go down.

Repeat x 10 – 200 times.

If the ‘terrific two’s’ are along this pattern, I suspect I will be either grey or bald. I think my eyebrows are even thinning over the last few months.

Is receding eyebrow hair a common symptom of the ‘terrible two’s/terrific two’s’? Watch this space I guess.

no such thing as terrible two's...is there?

no such thing as terrible two’s…is there?

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