Happiness: A Clean Nappy & A Well Slept Wife

It is often said, “a happy wife = happy life”.

Although, only fathers would add to this line with adding the need for a clean nappy and lots of sleep for our beautiful wife.

Those two things, are the actions that provide a happy wife. I guess it is not too much to ask from us fathers:

1. let me sleep
2. check & change the nappy!

Before being a dad, I thought every dad walking up the street with his baby in arms or pram was a single dad, on weekend duty. I was alarmed at how many dads were apparently divorced so early on in their child’s life.

However, a few weeks in to being dad, I joined the brigade and march of dads roaming the streets, unable to stop for coffee due to waking the baby, or go home, waking the wife. So, we are left roaming, only stopping to change a nappy.

No complaints though. After a week in the office, I love the opportunity to have father & son time.


2 thoughts on “Happiness: A Clean Nappy & A Well Slept Wife

  1. That’s truly beautiful! My ex-husband believed he was the only one who needed sleep, “I have to go to work in the morning”. I gave up asking for anything from him. My first baby was a 2 hrly feeder round the clock (yep breastfed). I just ended up putting a sleepingbag in her room & fed her when she needed so I wouldn’t disturb him.
    I wish you well xo

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