Update Your Assumptions Silverback

In the opinion economy in which we are apart of, it is not just common, but the ‘norm’ to rest on our ideals and beliefs. There are many reasons for this.

With so much information out there, all the time, 24/7, it is easy to become uncomfortable in the knowledge of how much stuff out there we have no idea about. No longer is ignorance abound. Sure, still bliss, but hard to basque in.

So, we should be forgiven, and forgive, the human race for defining oneself to a set of ideas and reasons for thinking/acting a certain way. It is hard work to be able to know where we stand on something. Anything. It is hard for Australians to defend what we think, as a race of people who in general, would leave the country to avoid an argument. So, we find comfort in the middle, or the darkness on matters that we are not sure about.

One such matter is parenting. Attachment parenting, baby lead weening, breastfeeding, schooling, cloth nappies, co-sleeping, too name a few. So many philosophies, so much passion. So much pressure. Everyone feels it, yet at the same time, we all form part of the problem in the creation of such topical matters.

One great tip I have learned in the short time being a new dad, borrowed from the corporate world, is to suspend my assumptions on everything. Whether it is my nan telling me a remedy for a cold, my mother giving advice on sleep or panadol, or my wife telling me too much TV for Jonah will make him obese, is to simply stop, suspend my assumptions (and reactions) to all the information and advice out there, and examine it.

To seek my own view on. My referring to evidence based information available via credible (subjective) sources, that break down the mental models I have of the world.

We can’t as people, evolve with the same thoughts we had 5 months ago, let a lone, 5 generations ago. To explore and challenge others and our own assumptions takes courage and will power, but, if nothing else, helps making decisions feel much more empowering, even if it is exactly what nan said all along.

Update your ideas Old-timer

Update your ideas Old-timer

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