Part time work for mums returning to work…Myth or Fantasy?

As a guy, long term employed in corporate Australia, as well as running a recruitment company, the concepts of ‘glass ceilings’ and a ‘boys club’ was and is always banded around, however, never really experienced the harsh realities of the dilemma mums, especially women who had very senior roles before going on maternity leave, face.

Since the GFC, one would think part time roles were more readily available, and that if things had tightened up, many mums would need to return to work.

However, as I roam from play ground to cafe on the days I spend with my son Jonah, I see and hear daily of how hard it is for mums to find work that is for 2-3 days a week.

Part of the issue is that we never switch off from work these days. With nearly every Australian owning a smart phone, work is in our pockets, and beside our beds. It is the last thing we see before sleep and the first thing we reach for. To say work (via mobile) comes before our partners is literally a reality.

So, with the off button never an option, how many real ‘part time’ roles are there?

What do they look like?

How much do they pay?

Job sharing seems like the logical progressive option for mums wanting to re-join the work-force with the same level of challenges, but with less days spent in the office.

However, as a guy, I really feel for women in this situation, as I see very little effort being made (despite the talk) by most of the companies I know.

The flip side of all this is the pressure it puts on the male to stay employed, and work harder, longer, usually resulting in less family time. First world problems, I admit, however, not natural at all.

Wanting to Shine

Wanting to Shine

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