Change the world in the toilet..The simple guide to fix climate change

Doing all we can to leave a planet for our children is not a choice. It is our obligation.

Politicians go on about their day like action is something we can ease into, while mother nature reminds us who is boss. Look at the horrible US twister yesterday as evidence what extreme weather can do.

Whilst the issue seems to big and to hard, big changes can and will happen by all of us doing small things. We can’t and shouldn’t rely on our government to save us. We are responsible.

So, I am a supporter of A way to save 98million trees a year by simply switching to buying recycled toilet paper.

I am logging agnostic. That is, as much as I love tree’s, I am not against the logging industry. Nor, I am for it.

I simply believe that cutting down 270,000 trees per day, to make toilet paper, is quite bluntly, a crime.

A crime that we are committing against our children. For it is their world the impacts will be so overt.

I don’t want my children to ask me 20 years from now, “Dad, why didn’t you guys do what you could to preserve the planet which we need”.

Yes, it is only toilet paper. But, for the 57 sheets you will use today, every wipe counts.

Challenge yourself next time you are at the supermarket. It is no more expensive, and test a few different brands to see what you like re look/feel/quality.

change the world in the toilet

change the world in the toilet

5 thoughts on “Change the world in the toilet..The simple guide to fix climate change

  1. I always thought buying recycled paper in general was better for the environment….? I’ll have to look that up, thought I was doing something good :/ Thanks for the info.

  2. There are places that have toilet paper farms where they plant fast-growing trees for the purpose of making toilet paper. So not all of it comes from chopping down forests. Of course it is always good to do whatever we can to help the planet. I’m still waiting for solar powered cars, but I think Big Oil is to deeply embedded in politics for that ever to happen.

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