BabyChino: Now for Adults…

As a long term soy drinker, and a fan of BonSoy (no sponsored posts here…) I have been forking out more money for coffee in Sydney for far too long.

Let’s say a regular flat white is $3.50. I get charged usually between .50cents and $1.00 extra for the pleasure to drink milk derived from a bean vs. a cow who has to be kept pregnated it’s whole life. I will leave the conversation of the millions of calf’s slaughtered each year just to keep our $2 milk in the supermarkets to animal charities!).

Further, I usually want something a bit stronger, so order a double. I’m up to $4.50-$5.

For those times where I have already had 4-6 shots in a day, I ask for decaf, I get the same charge for an extra shot.

Which begs the question, how can a Babychino only cost 50cents?

If I order a decaf picolo, served in the same size cup as a Babychino, i pay around $4.

Let’s face it….It’s pretty much the same thing, that took the same amount of milk and time.

So, I have decided to save myself $50 a week by ordering for myself, along with my son, a BabyChino. Grand total of $1.

I may not get the coffee hit, but perhaps I can sneak in some classic Nescafe Blend 43 when the Barista isn’t looking..

To Ban or not to Ban

To Ban or not to Ban

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