Hip Hop Baby

No baby books, baby magazine, mamamia, kidspot, or countless ‘how to be a parent’ DVD’s loaned to us before having Jonah had any advice for or against playing hip hop whilst in the womb.

I am not talking about some of the modern music getting away with being labelled as such, but the old school stuff (yes, I am old enough now that old school is still OK to say).

For 30+weeks, whilst inside the womb, we played (well, I did) De La Soul, Naughty by Nature, Jurassic 5. Nothing to deep or violent. Just good old funky hip hop.

As much as I love Cypress Hill, I refrained, strangely, as I though the drug references, albeit mild in nature, could lead to harder drug use later on, so did the responsible thing, and kept that one off the turntable.

Now, what I can report, 18 months on, is that Naughty By Nature is by far, the band of choice for Jonah. Anytime, anywhere, the “OPP, yeah you know me” calms him every time.

Here is a picture of him getting down with it.



Yo dad, let me take it from here.

Yo dad, let me take it from here.

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