Gambling, Alcohol & Babies

With Sydney ina media frenzy over the Andrew Johns, John Singleton & the Gay/Tom show, it got me thinking..

Why are we (Aussies) so engrossed in stories about gambling?

In my view, whilst migration is changing this fact, we are children convicts. 200+ years of  drinking, mining, shearing, cricket and two up. We come from a long line of risk takers,and hence, gambling fits like a glove.

With NSW having 1/3 of the worlds poker machines (yes, you read right), we don’t need much of an occasion to have a flutter. In fact, we can’t escape it if we wanted to. With odds of any sport now woven in to the TV commentary (like its normal), we are day by day, being assaulted with messages about gambling and ‘winning’.

The government talks about poker machine reform, but in reality,it is one of the largest sources of revenue for them, and like smoking, they don’t really want us to stop.

I tried out the online betting sites, and found they deduct money from our credit cards in a game, fun like way, where at no point does it feel real. The fact there are over 12m smartphones in Australia now, presents a new channel for gamblers, in the hip pocket 24/7.

Gambling is in my blood. My pop gambled his pay away each week leaving nan to raise 8 kids on the help of neighbours. Many of my friends have been affected by gambling addictions.

It is a huge problem, worse then drugs, simply because of the way it has become acceptable.

Regardless of what comes from this racing scandal, we should not feed the gambling monster but focus on keeping our money away from a system that the more one plays, the more one loses.

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