Traditional Man

Watching cartoons this morning with Jonah on the I-view (we don’t have a TV), the theme was about children learning all about traditions, and the importance thereof.

For most of my life, I have taken great comfort in bucking any traditional path or wisdom, and making life my own, on my own terms. This was all working swimmingly, or so I though, until this morning watching this cartoon.

Watching how the characters in the show (kids) got so excited about the day each year they put their Christmas decorations up, I realised that being a dad, creating traditions is something that now appeals to me.

No longer does chaos, random, unplanned cut it, although spontaneity and surprises are critical, but creating a sense of structure and order for me to pass on to my children, as was passed on to me by my mum, now motivates me.

Which got me thinking about why I resisted being the typical traditional Australian man. Sure, I am a self-confessed beer snob, and generally have grave concerns for guys who still drink VB or New, or who think Crown Lager is still a premium beer. And sure, I cut my mullet off in 1985. And yes, I think flag waving should be outlawed.

Perhaps it’s as simple is as trying to resist my roots, and we have a constant urge to do better than our parents generation?

Perhaps it’s pure ego creating an illusion that by not following tradition, I am so how already succeeded in such a quest?

Or, perhaps it’s what growing up is all about. Either way, I don’t have the answers, but maybe the fact I am asking myself the questions and challenging my own assumptions on what I think I am or believe, or follow is for now, all that matters.

Regardless, it’s times likes these, with a big hard thirst, that I need a big cold Vic. Matter of fact, I’ll have one now.


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