Clowning Around

Growing up, there were few things I enjoyed more than mum and dad taking me to Luna Park, The Easter Show or Australia’s Wonderland.

The rides, the energy, the excitement. The pure fun.

Spending time with my family, often cousins and aunts as well.

What I loved so much about these days – which I now realise were expensive days out – was playing the arcade and alley-style games in an attempt to win the biggest stuff toy on show.” Not that I ever won one of those gigantic things, I gave death stares to other kids walking around with them, followed by frustration at my parents that they failed to win me one.

As a dad myself now, this year I got to return the favour and took my son to the Family Easter Show (the much smaller, cheaper version) at Moore Park.

Whilst Jonah is still too young to really enjoy it, he had a mile wide smile on seeing all the rides, colours, games. His favourite was the laughing clown’s.

Without any prompting, he knew to pick up the ping pong balls and ram them down the clowns mouth. Amazing what instinct is.

Luckily for me this year, Jonah is too young to be upset that I only won him a consolation prize, of some cheap plastic toy that he had no interest in.Being a dad truly makes me realise how lucky I am to have the parents I do, and the life they made so simple.”


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