Bon Jovi Predicted It


Let me say from the outset, I no longer sleep.

That’s right, since being a dad, the period between when I lay in bed at night and the moment my son pulls my hair to get me out of bed, is officially known now as a ‘blink’.

I ask my wife each morning “how was your blink’?

This is due to either Jonah waking up overnight just to make sure we’re still there, or us waking just because he’s not waking.

He wins either way I guess. Child 1: Dad 0.

But Jonah is worth every moment of it, and I would happily go a lifetime with no sleep to make sure he is OK.

As Bon Jovi states “Live when I’m alive and sleep when  I’m dead. Don’t thing he was singing about blink sleeps, but still, the moral of the story is that I can sleep when I’m no longer alive.

Although, he also sang Have A Nice Day, which tells me he never experienced lack of sleep due to kids waking up, as no sane parent could muster up the strength to sing this.

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