Ice Climbing – 4 tips on how to avoid the pain

south america 162Ice Climbing – El Cheltan, Patagonia.

A few years back, just as the GFC was landing, I decided to pack up my corportate job for 3 months in the wilderness. This life, which is now labelled ‘BC – before child’ offered both the time and the funds to enjoy such a trip.

A few things to note about ice climbing if you were considering doing such a thing.

1. Try indoor rock climbing instead: Probably not as much bragging rights, but the same thing, except you are warm, it’s around the corner from home, you don’t have to sleep in 180km wind and snow, carry your own sh*t around with you for 10 days, eat powder soup or have numb feet for days on end.

2. Get a loan: for something that is built by nature, the Argentines sure know how to charge for the experience. Around $1500 for 10 days.

3. Donate the money you would have spent to charity. You will at least feel warm inside.

4. Stay in Mendoza: If you get all the way over to Argentina, as you are thinking of leaving Mendoza (home of Malbec), stay put and cycle around the amazing wineries. You may not remember it, but you won’t forget it either.

If however you are so determined to notch up this ice victory, let me know and I will happily put you in touch with some amazing guides who will treat you to the best trekking experience money can buy.

Do it ‘BC’ – It will give you good practice for being a new parent.

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