Exercise Bike Tragedy

I get that the world works by the simple concept of supply and demand. From selling/trading goats 6000 years ago, to downloading an app from today, the world is full of buyers and sellers.

So, I accept that the modern day news needs to be interesting enough for people to read to enable enough eyeballs watching/reading that news, in order to sell ad spaces. Simple enough.

However, what I find disturbing is some of the worse atrocities that go on each and every day go untold, and therefore, largely unknown.

There are many reasons for why we almost take comfort in our ignorance each day, as it would probably be hard to put a smile on our faces if we knew even an ounce of what stuff was going on.

One such tragedy is the tale of the humble exercise bike. Perhaps up there with the ab-crunchers and bread makers that get sold on daytime TV, the exercise bike has had a deep connection in Australia’s history.

Before gyms, Fitness Firsts, Virgin Active or Anytime Fitness existed, there was a simple and  affordable piece of machinery designed to basically be the treadmill for bikes. The early form of the exercise bike was simply a way to suspend the back wheel off the ground to enable action within the comfort of your own home.

Although the technology, design and brilliance of today’s machines have came along way, the fact remains, 99% of exercise bikes live in a dark room, storage cupboard, shed or spare room, collecting dust.

Now, whilst that in itself is a sad fact, it is not the tragedy I am referring to. Sure, if they were a living thing, say, such as a tree, one could argue that the loneliness felt by the bikes as an un-loved, un-used community, is an outrage that demands public investigation.

But, the truth is, they don’t. A simple product off a production line somewhere in the world.

The tragedy is the role they play in how we feel about ourselves. And not in an overweight type of ‘oh my gosh I’m so fat I can’t even eat’ type of way, (assuming that was the line of thought that preceded the purchase). But the type of way that reminds us we are weak and lacking of focus and discipline. That each new day or week starts with a new wave of passion and commitment to ride that dust collector, only to watch life get in the way, and each day roll on by without a rotation of the belt.

We spend over $100m per year on exercise equipment such as bikes, and the average Aussie rarely continues use beyond 2 months, with less then 1% still using their purchase after 3 months.

Which dovetails into the second tragedy. Trying to sell the damn thing.

EBay, gumtree, trading post etc., are full of exercise bikes. All dirt-cheap. Some are free, just to get rid of the angst they create by the constant reminder of the lazy specimen we are.

Perhaps it’s just me though.

Either way, If you are interested in a great bike, used once, I’m selling mine now on www.ebay.com.au if you are keen.

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